Polka Dots by Aya Yoshida

TSQ - Polka Dots - by Aya Yoshida
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Since 2016 we have been collaborating with the Japanese composer Aya Yoshida. She is a dedicated and interesting composer, and it's very exciting for us to enter her universe! We are currently working on her piece Shibori, that we commisioned. We will keep you updated about the premiere of this piece!

Read more about Aya Yoshida here.

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My Desert, My Rose by Aleksandra Vrebalov

Video by Klavs Kehlet

Spoken Music by Loïc Destremau

Yung Leo by Bára Gisladottir

i. stormurinn í þokunni
ii. og himnarnir gráta
iii. leaking green hours

For saxophone (alto and tenor), string quintet, three percussionists and electronics.

Listen HERE

Taïga String Quartet & I think you're Awesome